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Facebook is experimenting with removing ‘like’ counts

"Facebook is experimenting with removing like counts from posts." Yes, you read it correctly. While Facebook addiction is...

Instagram Creator Studio Guide from Facebook

Following the addition of Instagram post scheduling tools into its Creator Studio app, Facebook has now published a new guide of how to make the best...

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Account Hacked

Hackers have tweeted out a stream of offensive content on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's profile, which may raise concerns about the app's security measures.

Facebook Launches New Business Tools to Drive More Valuable Conversations

Facebook has announced a new set of business interaction tools for Messenger, including new lead gen and appointment booking options.

Facebook is Strengthening its Political Ad Requirements for 2020 US Elections

Facebook has announced a new set of updates designed to strengthen its political advertising tools and stop misuse by politically-motivated groups in the lead...

Most Popular Articles

Instagram publishing now available from Creator Studio

If you are a fan of Facebook's Creator Studio app, you're likely to see a notification like this at the top of your dashboard. NATIVE...

Instagram Provides IGTV Tips Based on the Success of Thrillist [Infographic]

IGTV may not have taken off the way Instagram would have hoped, but it is growing, and there are opportunities to connect with relevant...

Twitter Rolls out Test of Optional Notifications to anyone’s tweet replies

Twitter's testing out a new feature where users can get notifications on replies.

Facebook Launches Its ‘Clear History’ Tool

Today, Facebook Finally launched its clear History tool, Off-Facebook Activity. It's a piece of great news for the general users but not for businesses...

LinkedIn Live – Best Practices Guide from LinkedIn

LinkedIn live video presents a unique and exciting opportunity to create authenticity, deliver urgent news with speed, give exclusive access to a private event,...