Facebook Launches New Business Tools to Drive More Valuable Conversations

Facebook announced new tools and platform updates for the millions of businesses and hundreds of thousands of developers on Messenger that are designed to improve the user experience for people and create more opportunities to drive business outcomes, on Messenger.

Here’s what’s been announced.

1. Lead Generation in Messenger

This new template within Facebook Ads Manager enables businesses to create automated experiences to help qualify leads within Messenger. Businesses can continue the conversation with prospects directly in Messenger and integrate with existing CRM tools to seamlessly to track leads.

2. Appointment Booking in Messenger

Facebook has opened a beta with select developers and businesses to accept real-time appointment booking through Messenger. This solution enables businesses to integrate their existing calendar booking software to power booking experiences through Messenger. With this feature, businesses can convert Messenger conversations into in-store traffic, online and phone appointments, and more. The new feature will be rolled out to businesses and developers globally later this year. To be added to the beta waitlist, please click here.

Facebook is also updating some of its platform policies to help drive more personalized and relevant conversations between people and businesses. These updated policies will take effect on January 15, 2020.

  • Streamlined Message Tags: Facebook is simplifying message tags, which enable businesses to send personalized, 1:1 message to people outside of the standard messaging window for four use cases including post-purchase updates, event reminders, account updates, and the human agent.
  • Revised Standard Messaging Window: Businesses have had 24 hours to respond to a message initiated by a person in Messenger when using standard messaging, with an additional allowance to send one message after that 24-hour window. This catered for instances where a business wasn’t able to respond within that initial day.
  • Sponsored Messages: Businesses who want to send a message to many people, including promotional content, outside the standard messaging window will continue to have the opportunity to use sponsored messages. Sponsored messages are a great way for businesses to send targeted messages to re-engage people who currently have an open chat with the business. Businesses of all sizes, use sponsored messages to nurture customer engagement and drive sales.
  • Subscription Messaging Beta Update: Facebook is also limiting access to the Subscription Messaging (beta) to vetted news organizations. Some businesses were using the subscription messaging beta in ways that weren’t in line with Facebook’s policy, resulting in less effective conversations between people and businesses. News organizations who successfully register their Pages through the Facebook News Page index can apply to be a part of the subscription messaging beta.

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